Savings Sunday! Metro & Fresh Co. Cheap Toilet Paper, Fruits, Veggies and More!

Hello All!,

Here is this week's haul! Spent: $61.90!

Deals of the Week!

Fruit and Veggies!

Grabbed a bunch of Fruit and Veggie deals this week: Andy Boy Romaine $1.99 (Metro); Pears $1.29/lb (Fresh Co.); Avocados $2.87 (Food Basics); Oranges .97 cents/lb (Food Basics); Broccoli .87 cents/each (Food Basics); 5Lbs Potatoes $1.69 (Fresh Co.); Sweet Potatoes .69 cents/lb (Fresh Co.) and Garlic .40 cents! (Fresh Co.)!

Metro and Fresh Co. Deals!

Metro has toilet paper for $2.99 this week and Fresh Co. has Minute Oats for $1.99 and Compliments Tortellini for $2.00/each!

Price Matching Deals!

Campbell's Soup .49 cents/each (Sobeys); Unico Tomatoes .96 cents each (No Frills); Hellmann's Mayo $2.98 (Fortino's)


Picked up Pork for mushroom pork this week $6.09 and a pack of boneless skinless chicken for Hubby's lunches $11.95!

Total savings with Price Matching, Sales and Air Miles: $15.44!

Have a great week everyone! Happy Saving!

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