Savings Sunday! Metro & Fresh Co. Happy 2016!!! Cheap Almond Milk, Meat, Ziploc Containers and more!

Happy 2016 Everyone!,

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Years! Ours was quite busy but a wonderful time with friends and family!

Here is this week's haul! Spent: $103.91 (Stock up week for sure!)

Deals of the Week!

Metro Meat Deals!

Hubs has decided to change up what he wants for lunches. Used to be sandwiches but now we are going to try some protein, veggies and yogurt for lunches! Picked up chicken thighs that I am making Honey Sriracha Chicken in the crockpot right now! Each package was under $6.75 each! Great deal for two weeks worth of lunches! And picked up two packages of lean ground beef on sale as well! Each under $8.52! Still pinning a bunch of recipes per week!

Coupon Deals!

Price Matched some new Ziplocs for Hubby's lunches $3.48 at Metro this week - $1.00 coupon = $2.48 for 4 containers. Also picked up a pack of tortellini $4.00 on sale with a $2.00 off peelie for short expiry = $2.00!

Fruits and Veggies!

I'm not sure about your grocery store but Fresh Co. has jumped up in prices on Fruit and Veggies! I now have to price match bananas! YEESH! Pmed Bananas Coppa - .58 cents/lb; Broccoli Foodland $1.98/bunch; Sweet Potatoes .69 cents/lb Fresh Co and Green Beans $2.99/lb expensive but didn't buy too many! and .99 cent bagged salad!

Canned Stuff and Price Matching!

Gonna be attempting some Chili this week! Picked up canned black beans for .77 cents and canned tomatoes for .99 cents each. Also picked up honey for the chicken I talked about before $4.97 pmed to Superstore; Salt .58 cents at Fortinos.

More PMing!

Astro Yogourt for $2.99 at Fresh Co.; Peanut Butter for $2.46 at No Frills; .98 cents for two mushroom soup at Loblaws?; Ketchup $2.99 at Loblaws!

Almond Milk and Snacks!

I decided to stock up on Almond Milk this week! $2.98 pmed to Metro! Also grabbed Nature Valley Bars for $1.76 a box from Fortinos that also has a BOGO Movie ticket deal on it! Pretty much a savings of $12.00+ with that deal right there!! Woohoo!!

Total Savings with Air Miles, Price Matching, Coupons, Zweet and Sales: $35.70!!

Have an amazing first week of 2016 and Happy Saving!

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