Savings Sunday! Metro & Fresh Co. Cheap Almond Milk, Meat, Tomatoes & More!

Hello Everyone :),

I hope you are having a great weekend so far! Here is this week's haul! Spent: $71.76!

Deals of the Week!


Since we are in the new year (almost February!) We've been continuing to eat more and more veggies! Picked up two Broccoli's for Hubby ($1.67 each/Metro); Frozen Veggie Mix ($2.99 Metro) for a stirfry this week and Canned Peas (.97 cents each Fresh Co.)


Amazing deal on Chicken Thighs this week at Metro only $1.99/lb! Picked up two packs for $13.55! One will be for Hubby's lunches this week (Making Honey Sriracha Chicken again!) and another for a meal this week :). Also picked up some steaks and ground beef! Very reasonable meat deals this week!

Price Matched Tomatoes and More Tomatoes!

Price matched Canned Tomatoes (.99 cents each Sobey's); Roma Tomatoes (.98 cents/lb No Frills) and Kraft Salad Dressing ($1.99 Fortino's)!

Honey and Almond Milk!

Some of Hubby's lunch recipies call for Honey so this is a great stock up price at $3.97 (Fresh Co.) also another great price for Almond Milk $2.98 (Loblaws) this week!

Total Savings with Air Mile, Price Matching, Sales and Zweet: $9.05!

Have a great week everyone! Happy Saving!

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