Savings Sunday! Metro, Fresh Co. Cheap Sugar, Veggies, Meat and More!

Good Afternoon All,

The blog might look a little different! Trying out a new layout/design! I'm enjoying it and hope you do too :) Here is this week's haul! Spent: $82.57!

Deals of the Week!

Canned Tomatoes and Fresh Pasta!

Decided to pick up more canned tomatoes as Hubby and I are loving chili and soups/stews lately! I think i'm making Chili and Tomato Tortellini soup this week! Unico Tomatoes for .98 cents each (PMed to Metro); Alymer chili tomatoes for $1.00 each at Fresh Co.; Also tortellini for $2.00 a package at Fresh Co.!

Meat Deals!

Even though I spent a bunch on meat this week ($33.09) - all was on sale and I will get a few meals out of em. One chicken pack will be Hubby's lunches this week (Honey Soy Chicken); one will be for mayo chicken this week and the 3 pork tenderloin's will be for 2 separate shredded pork crockpot dishes :)! Also I like to have pepperoni on hand for quick pizza's, only $3.97 this week :)! I have a bunch of naan bread in the freezer - might as well use it!

Rebate and Price Matching Deals!

Almond Fresh is on sale at Metro for $3.99 - $1.00 off rebate with Checkout 51 = $2.99!; Also two great rebates this week on Veggies and Sugar! Fresh Co. has Sugar on for $1.50 this week (great price!) and .25 cent Zweet rebate - $1.25 for sugar!!! Also picked up two sweet potatoes for .99 cents - .25 cent veggie rebate = .74 cents!

Total Savings with Zweet, Checkout 51, Air Mile and Price Matching: $9.59

Have a great week everyone and happy saving!

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