Savings Sunday! Metro, Fortino's and Fresh Co: Meat Deals, Cheap Fruit and Veggies and More!

Good Afternoon Everyone! :),

Here is this week's haul: Spent $66.38!

Deals of the Week!

Fresh Fruit and Veggies!

Keeping to the healthy eating this year - Here are the deals I picked up these: Kiwi: $2.43 (Food Basics); Broccoli $1.48 (Highland Farms); Bananas .59/lbs (Coppa); Big bag of Green Beans for $1.49 at Fortino's (on the clearance rack); $1.49 Grape Tomatoes (No Frills)

Price Matching and Rebates!

Picked up BBQ sauce for more shredded pork .99 cents (Loblaws); Salad Dressing $2.00 (Fortino's); Natrel $2.69 - .25 cent Zweet rebate! = $2.44!

Soup & Tea!

.49 cents for Soup each (Loblaws) and picked up Tea from Fresh Co. $2.00!


Last week's chicken went well with the hubs! This week we are opting for pulled pork for his lunches - very easy: pork, BBQ sauce and put in on for 4 hrs on high = done! First time i'm going to try this with pieces of pork! I usually do pork tenderloin! Hopefully it will turn out great :D Also picked up pork ($7.49 & $8.09) for a dinner this week, a beef roast ($12.72) and a whole chicken ($7.32) for hopefully a few meals! All Meat: $35.62!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Sales, Zweet and Air Mile: $8.32!

Have a great week all and Happy Saving!

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