Savings Sunday! Metro & Fresh Co. Small Haul: Cheap bread, Salad Fix-ins and More!

Good Evening All!,

Here's this week's haul! Spent: $54.63!

Deals of the Week!

Salad Items and Onions!

Price Matched Onions ($1.26 - Walmart); Avocados ($1.87 - Food Basics); Kraft Salad Dressing ($1.96 - No Frills) and .99 cent Salad on sale at Fresh Co.

Baking Supplies and Bread!

Picked up Chipits for christmas baking ($2.49 each - Fortinos); Butter $2.99 at Metro and Light Rye $1.59 - .25 Zweet rebate = $1.34!

Meat and Dove!

Two steaks for $11.68. For the few meals I need this week we will be using some meat from the last few weeks! Meal Planning is working out so well for us :). Also PMed the Dove Men's for a Christmas present for $3.98!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Zweet, Weekly Savings: $7.94!

Have an amazing Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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