Savings Sunday! Metro, Fresh Co. & Walmart! Money Making Sunlight, Cheap Toilet Paper and Sour Cream!

Hey Everybody!,

Here is this week's haul: Spent $70.17!

Deals of the Week!

Metro Deals!

As I am writing this i'm making my sour cream pork with the pork I picked up today (Only $6.69 for the 6 pieces!), $5.30 for some ground beef. Also pick up Almond Fresh for $2.99! Yummie!

Fresh Co. Deals!

The Panebello Pizza we had last week and it was actually really good! Hubby approved and he usually only likes the PC Thin Crust Pepperoni. Paid $2.97 this week. And stocked up on more frozen raspberries for my morning oatmeal! $2.99 this week!

Price Matching Deals!

Picked up Broccoli (Pmed from Food Basics) .87 cents!; Green Beans I picked up at Metro for .99 cents/lb; and Tostitos for $2.49/bag! (PMed to Foodland!)

Coupon Deals!

Grabbed Gay Lea Sour Cream - PMed to $1.97 to RCSS - .50 cent coupon = $1.47! Also got Toilet Paper $3.99 at Metro - $1.00 coupon = $2.99 for 12 rolls!

Walmart Deal! Money Making Sunlight!

Final Big deal of the day is a Checkout 51! Checkout 51 has a $6.00 rebate on Sunlight Diswasher Pods. Mom and I headed to Walmart to look around and remembered this rebate. $4.97 for a 20 pack - $6.00 rebate = $1.03 Moneymaker! Woohoo! and gave em to Mom for her dishwasher :)

Total Savings with Air Mile, Coupons, Price Matching, Checkout 51 and Zweet: $12.96!

Have a great week everyone!

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