Savings Sunday! I'm back! Metro & Fresh Co. 2 Week Review!

Hello Everyone!

Super long time no see! Ended up having to take my camera in for service and so here we are too long later! So here we go lets do some catch up with a 2 week wrap up! Last Week spent: $79.73 and this week $73.98!

Last week's deals of the week!

Great Deals!

Picked up Diana's Sauce for my super easy pulled pork in the crock pot $2.00 at Fresh Co. Campbell's Soup .49 cents each - Price Matched to Sobey's. Imperial Margarine for $1.97 at Fresh Co. is the cheapest I've seen it all year!

Price Matching!

Sensodyne for $3.97 each - PMed to RCSS; Breton for $1.78 - PMed to Fortinos; and Picked up Natrel 1L milk for $1.99 at Metro (Great deal!)


Amazing unadvertised deal on pumpkins at my Fresh Co. Only .99 cents each! They aren't super big but worked great for Halloween! :)

Fresh and Frozen Fruit!

Picked up some frozen raspberries for $2.98 - PMed to Foodland; Picked up Grapes from Fresh Co. for $1.27/lb.

Chips and Meat!

Picked up some Tostitos PMed to No Frills $2.46 and Great deals on Meat at Metro - Cheap steaks and medium GB!

This Week's Deals of the Week!

Metro Meat!

Great deals on Ground Beef (Only $16.14 for large packs!) and also some pork chops smaller packs for $2.59-$2.97 a pack.

Zweet and Coupon Deals!

Picked up Silk Almond Milk for $2.99 - 50 cent Zweet = $2.49! (there is a printable coupon for $1.00 off but I ran out of printer ink this morning :() Also .25 rebate on any vegetables from Zweet made the Zucchini .98 cents; Also picked up $2.99 Astro yogurt - $1.00 coupon = $1.99!

Price Matching!

Blackberries $1.88 at Metro; Pmed Avocados from Metro for $2.49 for a 5 pack; Also picked up 2 Mushroom soups PMed from Loblaws for .49 cents!

Total savings with Air Miles, Coupons, Price Matching and Zweet rebates: $31.06 for the last two weeks!

Have a great week everyone and Happy Saving!

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