Savings Monday - 2 Week Edition! Metro & Fresh Co.! Free Salsa, Cheap Fruit/Veggies and More!

Good Holiday Monday Afternoon All!,

It is a Civic Holiday for Ontario today so hear is what I bought this week and last week!

Last Week's Haul: Spent $91.99!

Price Matching Deals!

The Metro deals above I picked up Meat and Ketchup and Frozen Fruit :). I Price Matched Campbells Soup for .46 cents each (Loblaws); SoftSoap refill $2.48 (can't remember who I price matched to! whoops!) Amazing deal on Zero Yogourt - Cheapest at Fresh Co. for $2.99 - $1.00 off coupon = $1.99 for a 12 pack!

More Price Matching!

Picked up Imperial Margarine for $1.96 (Insanely cheap price!!! PMed to No Frills); Snack Pack 12 pack on at Fresh Co. for $2.99; Fruit Cups on sale 2/$4.00 (Highland Farms I believe); Tomatoes for .99 cents/lb (Food Basics)!

This Week's Haul: Spent $72.44!

Deals of the Week!

Fruits and Veggies!

Lots of yummie deals! Grapes $1.26/lb (No Frills); Tomatoes .96 cents/lb (Food Basics); Broccoli .96 cents (No Frills); Bananas .57 cents/lb; Beans .99 cents/lb and 2 potatoes!

Snack Food!

Total deal of the week here on Tostitos! If you have the Pepsi coupon booklet use your when you buy a Tostitos chip and salsa save $2.00 = Free Salsa this week! Each item is $1.97 at Fresh Co. making the Salsa free + .03 cent money maker or both items for $1.94 or .97 cents each!!! WOOO! Also picked up some of my fave snacks - Snapea Crisps for $1.99 a bag at Metro! YUM!

Price Matching!

Picked up Palmolive $1.98 (Coppa); Hellmann's Mayo $2.96 (No Frills); Kotex Pads $3.48 (RCSS)!

Coupon and Zweet Deal!

Almond Milk $3.97 - .50 cent = $3.47! Sour Cream $1.97 (RCSS) - .50 cent coupon each = $1.47 each!

Meat Deals!

Great meat deals this week for Metro picked up Steaks, Pork and Ground Beef for $27.14!

Total Savings both weeks with Air Miles, Coupons, Price Matching, and Zweet: $25.18!

Have a great rest of the week everyone!!!

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