Savings Monday on Wednesday!: Metro & Fresh Co.: Cheap Fruit & Veggies, Salad Dressing, Cheese and More!

Good Afternoon All!,

Hope you've had a great week so far! Here is this weeks haul! $75.24!!

Deals of the Week!

Fruit and Veggies!

Bought a ton of fresh fruit and veggies this week. Watermelon - $3.00; Mini Carrots .99 cents (Sobey's); Strawberries $1.50/each, Mangos .49 cents each (No Frills); Romaine Lettuce .99 cents; Broccoli Crowns (Cheaper than buying a head of broccoli!) $1.49/lb!


My Metro this week was quite understocked! I managed to only get a pack of Lean Ground Beef (good for 2-3 meals) for $10.70 and $8.83 for pork chops. Also picked up some pepperoni for $3.49!

Price Matching!

My weekly Almond Milk for $3.48 (Fortino's); Kraft Salad Dressings $1.49 each (No Frills); Oreo's $1.49! (No Frills) Yummie!

Almond Milk and Cheese Deal (Checkout 51)!

Picked up a great deal on the little almond milk packs for my smoothies for $1.98 (Metro); TreStelle Bocconcini was only $3.49 at Fresh Co. and also there is a $1.00 off with Checkout 51!!! = $2.49! I know there is a .75 cent or $1.00 off any TreStelle cheese coupon out there if you have it (I used mine on Feta a few weeks ago!) would make that an even better deal!

Total Savings from Price Matching, Couponing, Air Mile, Sales and Checkout 51: $19.78!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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