Savings Monday! Metro & Fresh Co.: Checkout 51 and Zweet Deals, Price Matching and More!

Hello Everyone!,

Here is this week's haul! Spent $95.86! (Bit high this week but got a few good rebate deals!)

Deals of the Week!

Meat Deals!

Managed to pick up great deals on Chicken this week - and enough to make 2 meals worth of chicken breasts ($14.61 for 8 chicken breast! Approx $7.30 a meal!) This is great for a dinner for hubby and I and sometimes a warm lunch for the next day! Also a pack of ground beef and beef stirfry strips!

Fruit and Veggies!

Always getting yummie fruit and veggie deals each week! $1.46/each for Strawberries (No Frills); Broccoli .98 cents/each (Fortino's); Tomatoes on the Vine .95 cents/lb (Food Basics); Cucumber .69 cents (Fresh Co.); Bananas $1.98 - .25 Zweet rebate = $1.73!

Price Matching Deals!

Chapman's Ice Cream bars! $2.98 (Sobeys) - and yes these are really really yummie!!! Also Almond Milk for $2.98 (Metro)! Super cheap!!!

More Price Matching!

Little snack popcorn bags for $2.98 (Walmart); Thick Sliced Dempster's Bread - $1.98 (Food Basics)!

Checkout51 Deals!

Picked up more Bocconcini Cheese for $3.49 - $1.00 CO51 Rebate = $2.49! Also picked up Head and Shoulders for Hubby $4.95 (Walmart) - $1.00 CO51 Rebate = $3.95!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Air Mile, Checkout 51 and Zweet: $21.07!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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