Savings Sunday on Monday! 2 Week Review! Metro & Fresh Co. VH Sauce Deal, Feta, BabyBel, and More!

Well Hello All!,
Here is this and last week's hauls! (June 15 total: $61.61 June 22 total: $74.95!)

June 15 Haul First!

Deals of Last Week!


Amazing deals on pork! Bit of a stock up at $29.30! Steak strips for Mongolian beef in the crockpot is AMAZING!!!! Yummie! Used both the beefs last week for enchiladas and pasta I believe... Pork was great for my mushroom pork and froze the other pork for this week's meals!

Metro Deals: Pizza and VH Sauce!

Pizza was only $2.99 and also VH Sauce was $1.98 - .75 cent off coupon = $1.23! Great deal for spicy sauce that Hubby likes a lot!

Salad and Raspberries!

Salad was on sale at Fresh Co. for $2.49 and the raspberries on for $1.67/each also at Fresh Co.!

Cheese and Seasoning!

Great deals on cheese last week: $2.99 for Babybel (No Frills); Shredded Mozzarella $2.99 (recent price drop at my Fresh Co.!); at Metro only paid .79 cents for the taco seasoning! Really Cheap!

June 22 Haul!

Fruits and Veggies!

I'm on a healthy kick! Decided to pick up a bunch of fruit and veg! And they were on sale! Salad (Big box) $3.79, Cucumbers .49 cents each, Strawberries $2.00 each (At Metro), Mushrooms $1.29, Apples .99 cents/lb, Tomatoes .99 cents/lb, and Broccoli Slaw $1.29! Yummie!

Deals of the Week!

Price Matching and Great Deals at Fresh Co./Metro

Great deals at Fresh Co. this week! Chapman's Ice Cream Bars - $1.97!, Dempster's Tortillas $2.29 each; Del Monte $1.99 each (RCSS) and Oasis Juice $2.99 at Metro!

Cheese, Yogurt, Frozen Berries and Coupon Deals!!

Tre Stelle Feta - $3.49 - $1.00 coupon = $2.49!; Sour Cream - PMed to Food Basics $1.48!, Zero Yogurt $3.99 - $1.00 coupon = $2.99! and Compliments Frozen Berries (for smoothies! Yummie!) $2.99 Price Matched from Foodland!

Total Savings from both weeks with Price Matching, Zweet, Coupons, and Air Miles: $9.71!

Small total savings but I did buy the majority of the items I got already on sale at Fresh Co! :)!

Happy Summer as it is finally HERE!!!! Yahoo! Have a great week everyone :)!

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