Savings Sunday! Metro & Fresh Co.: Cheap Toilet Paper, Fruit and More!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Here is this week's haul! Spent $67.54!

Deals of the Week!

Healthy Snacks!

Really enjoying having Strawberries in my morning oatmeal! Price Matched Strawberries to $1.96/each (Walmart); Raspberries $1.66/each (No Frills); and a Cucumber for .66 cents (Walmart). Also picked up a Newman's Salad Dressing - on sale for $2.49 - .75 cent off coupon = $1.74!

Cheap Toilet Paper!

Picked up two 8-double roll Cashmere's. On sale for $2.99 each - I had a no restriction $1.00 off coupon from websaver making one of them $1.99! Total for 16 double rolls: $4.98!

Spreads and Tomatoes!

Enchiladas are still very popular in my house! Picked up another 2 cans for .99 cents each at Fresh Co.; Peanut butter $2.97 at Fresh Co. and Hellmann's for $2.99 at Metro!


Trying some new recipes this week! Ground Chicken and Turkey I'm giving a shot this week! Also, follow me on Pinterest! HERE! I'll probably post pics on Instagram as well! :) I re-pin any recipes with my comments once i've made em! Picked up all 4 meats for $19.81!

Total Savings with Coupons, Air Mile, and Price Matching: $6.90

Every little bit counts! Have a great week everyone :D!

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