Savings Monday! Metro, Shoppers and Fresh Co. Cheap Stir Fry Sauce, Oatmeal, Bread and More!

Good Afternoon Everyone!,

Happy June! Here is this week's haul Spent: $85.70!

Deals of the Week!:

Taco Stuff and Enchiladas!

Hubby and I have been quite obsessed with making homemade enchiladas! So I picked up 4 Aylmer Accents for $1.25 each at Shoppers (I've seen at .99 cents before but I wanted to stock up and make some Shoppers Points!) Also Price Matched Old El Paso Kits and Salsa for $2.96 each (No Frills!).

Strawberries and Avocados!

Mmmmm fresh Strawberries! Picked up two for $1.96 each (No Frills)!; Also picked up a 5 pack of Avocados for $2.94!

Dairy and Almond Milk!

I ran out of Sour Cream! :O! OH NO! Picked up a tub for $1.48 (Fortino's); Ricotta $3.98 (Food Basics) - .75 cent off coupon = $3.23!; Imperial for $2.00 and Almond Milk for $3.49 at Fresh Co.!

Couponing and Price Matching Deals!

Picked up Dempster's bread for $1.96 (Walmart) - .50 cent off coupon = $1.46! also got Oatmeal for my Mom $1.98 (Loblaws) - .50 cent coupon = $1.48! Stirfry Sauces were .94 cents each (after 50% off on the shelf) and I had a buy 2 get $1.50 off making them .38 cents for 2!! Hope they taste good! :D


Amazing deal on Oreos! Picked up 2 bags for $1.48 each (Loblaws!) and also picked up Snack Pack 12 pack for $2.48 (Fortino's)!

Total Savings with Zweet, Price Matching, Couponing, and Savings: $21.79!

Hopefully this weather will start to get warmer for June! Have a great week everyone!

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