Savings Sunday is Back! No Frills & Metro: Cheap Bacon, Snack Food, Fruit and Veg and More!

Good Afternoon Everyone!,

Long Time no see! Here is this week's haul! Total Spent: $101.43! (I'm calling this a stock up haha!)

Deals of the Week!

BOGO Bacon and Ketchup!

Great Metro deals this week - $2.99 for Ketchup (Great for the BBQ season!) and a BOGO on Bacon - $4.49 for 2 packs! (or $2.25 a pack!)

Fruit and Veggie PMs!

Stocked up on some great deals at No Frills. Grapes .88 cents/lb (Food Basics); Avocados .77 cents each (Walmart); Red Delicious Apples .99 cents/lb (Fresh Co.); Broccoli $1.00 each at NF!

Snack Food and Peas!

This is what happens when Hubby comes for the shop! I spend more! Haha. Well we needed some lunch snacks - $2.99 Snack Pack (Shoppers); Chocolate Chip Cookies - $1.99; and Peas for .77 cents each!

Almond Milk and Sour Cream!

Picked up my usual Almond Milk and the Silk was on sale this week for $3.50. Also grabbed a tub of sour cream! $1.00!

Total Savings with Price Matching and Sales: $4.14!

Low savings this week but I did buy a bunch of items on sale at No Frills for my shopping! Still working on finding a grocery store that I love. Metro is definitely my go to for meat lately! Still unsure on which store to choose for my other items! I've checked out Longo's, Fresh Co. and now No Frills! What are your thoughts? Have a great week everyone :D

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