Savings Sunday on Monday! RCSS & Metro - Cheap Fruits and Veggies, PC Plus Point Deals and More!

Good Afternoon Everyone :D,

Here is this week's haul: Spent $91.61!

Deals of the Week!

Fruits and Veggies!

Big week this week for fruits and veggies! Picked up Strawberries for $1.67 (No Frills); Cauliflower $1.88 (Food Basics); Avocados 6 ct $2.77 (No Frills); No Name Potatoes - The Naturally Imperfect Kind - just cause they don't look good - I get 5 lbs for .98 cents!!! WOOHOO! Great Idea! Broccoli .97 cents (No Frills)

Coupon, Price Match and Clearance Deal!

Grabbed some Parmesan blend cheese for $4.98 - $1.00 off coupon = $3.98!; A box of yummie Fudgesicles for $1.94 - mmm lower cal dessert options!; Also grabbed 2 cans of Diced Tomatoes for .77 cents each (No Frills) and also earned 400 pts (.40 cents) making them .57 cents per can!

OJ and Tostitos!

Hubby was in the mood for snack food - $2.49 Tostitos (Loblaws); and Oasis Juice - $2.99 (Sunny's Market)

PC Plus Point Deals

I haven't really been hitting the jackpot with PC Plus Points :( - only picked up 1,000 pts ($1.00) this week. 600 pts (.60 cents) On fresh baked goods and 400 pts (.40 cents) on Tomatoes (as mentioned above) I'm hoping for better point deals in the coming weeks! What kind of deals have you been getting? Let me know!

Total savings with Price Matching, Couponing, PC Plus Points, and Zweet: $13.62!

Have a fantastic week everyone! :D Happy Saving!

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