Savings Sunday! RCSS: 2 SCOPS!!! Cheap Produce, PC Plus Point Deals and More!!!

Good Evening All!

Here is this week's haul! Spent $93.31 ($84.69 after SCOPs and CO51!)

Deals of the Week!

PC Plus Points Deals!

Totally unexpected amount of points I made this week! I managed to rack up 10,100 or $10.10 in Points! WOW! I had a personal digital offer when I spent $75.00 I received 7,500 points! ($7.50!) Also made 200 points (.20 cents) on Bananas, 400 points (.40 cents) on Oasis Juice, 1,600 points ($1.60)on the beef roast and 400 points (.40 cents) on deli meat!

Price Matching!

Great deals on cheese this week at No Frills - PMed to $3.65 each! Also grabbed $1.50 salad dressing (No Frills) and Silhouette Yogourt for $3.97 (Food Basics)

Produce Price Matching!

We love eating fruits and veggies! Picked up some great deals on them this week! .69 cents/lb Apples (Coppa), .77 cent Oranges (Walmart), .87 cents/lb tomatoes (No Frills), $1.88 Romaine Hearts (Food Basics)!

Coupon and Pink Sticker Deals!

I'm loving bagels on the weekend! Picked up some 50% off Cinnamon Raisin Bagels only $1.64! Also got Sour Cream on sale for $1.48 - .50 cent coupon = .98 cents!

Two SCOPS and Checkout 51!

The chances of getting one SCOP are slim... 2? That never happens until today! Picked up some Gravol - $5.46 on the shelf rang in at $6.49 = FREE and also Gravy -.97 cents on the shelf rang in at $1.00 = Free then claimed $1.00 off 3 Clubhouse gravy = .33 cents each! WOW!

Total savings with Price Matching, Coupons, Pink Stickers, Checkout 51, SCOPs and PC Plus Points $34.86!!!

Amazing deals and savings this week! Have a great next few weeks all! :)

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