Savings Sunday is Back! RCSS: Free Coffee, Tampons and Pop! Also Cheap Fall/Halloween Decor and More!

Good Evening Everyone!

Long time no chat! Hubby and I were on Vacation last week so here is this week's haul! Spent: $88.54 (-$2.00 CO51 = $86.54!)

Deals of the Week!

Juice and Almond Milk!

Price Matched the OJ to Food Basics for $2.88 and Almond Milk was $3.97 - $1.25 coupon = $2.72!

Ragu and Hellmann's!

I have been waiting forever for Ragu to go on sale! I had to stock up on the .94 cent deal from No Frills! Also picked up Hellmann's was on for $2.88 at No Frills too :)!

Halloween/Fall Decor!

I went a little crazy. With the new house and needing some decor... and you know RCSS has fantastic clearance = Total Win!!! Picked up 2 twig pumpkins - Reg $7 - .94 cents each, 2 Pumpkin Candles $1.94 each! (Insane deal! They are huge!!!) and .94 cent napkins that I can totally use in fall and winter!

Free Coffee and Tampons!

One of my best deals this year! Regular $9.99 on sale for $6.00 - $5.00 coupons on each! = $1.00 each bag then $2.00 rebate on Checkout51 for 1 = FREE FOR BOTH!! Yahoooooo!!!! Pretty much saved $20.00! Yeppppie! Also had a Freebie coupon for OB Tampons = $4.99 saved!

PC Plus Point Deals!

Being off two weeks I was in desperate need of PC Plus Points!!!! Managed to pick up exactly 5,000 points ($5.00)! Woop Woop! Picked up 600 pts (.60 cents) on grapes, 2,000 pts ($2.00) on Pork and 2,400 pts ($2.40) on Veal also not pictured 200 pts on No Name pizza sauce!

Free Coke and Cheap Granola Bars!

Price Matched a Taco Kit for $2.88 at No Frills and after picking up a specially marked box with a Free 2L Coke - Picked up another box today too! Save $1.87! Also grabbed 2 Chocomax to Yummie Market $1.49 - .75 cents = .74 cents a box!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Checkout51, PC Plus Points and Coupons = $43.99!!!!

Unbelievable savings this week! Let's not part for so long :) Miss you all! Have a great week! :D

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