Savings Sunday! RCSS: Cheap Triscuits, Thins Fins and More!

Evening Everyone!

Here is this weeks haul! Only Paid $34.87! (- $3.00 Checkout 51 = $31.87) Very Cheap week this week!!!!

Deals of the Week!

PM Deals!

Price Matched Fruit and Veggies this week! Got a Cucumber for .77 cents (No Frills); Tomatoes .99 cents/lb (WalMart); Grapes .99 cents/lb!

Almost Free Snack Food and Mayo!

Amazing Deal this week from Checkout 51! PMed No Frills $1.67 for Thins Fins and Triscuits - $1.50 Rebate on EACH from CO51 = .17 cents EACH! Yahooo! Also PMed a Hellmann's Mayo to $2.97 from No Frills. Also managed to get a free Knorr item attached! Score!

PC Plus Point Deals!

Managed to make 1,600 pts ($1.60) on Pork and 400 pts (.40 cents) on Grapes! Totaling $2.00 or 2,000 points!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Checkout 51, and PC Plus Points - $13.21!

Have a great long weekend everyone! :) Happy Saving!

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