Savings Sunday from last Monday! PC Plus Redemption Shop! I only paid how much?!?!

Good Evening All!,

Hope everyone is doing well! Been over a week since my last post! Last week was moving week for Hubby and I into our brand new home :) I did have last Monday off so I decided to do my groceries!

Here is the haul! This was worth $88.62!!!!

Deals of the Shop!

Mom and I decided to split the shop cause why not! We ended up buying what we needed for the week. Let's start with Mom's deals!

Royale Toilet Paper!

Picked up two Royal's at $5.00 each - $1.00 coupons on each! making it 2 packs for $8.00 or $4.00 each.

Fruits and Veggies!

Picked up Bananas, Tomatoes (.79 cents/lb PMed from Fresh Co.), Zucchini (.79 cents/lb at Coppa) and Loose Potatoes ($1.49/lb at Coppa) for the week!

PB&J, Bread and Lettuce!

Picked up Wonder Bread($1.97 at No Frills), Peanut Butter and Jam ($2.47 each/ F.CO) and Lettuce (.79 cents Yummie Market)

Pasta and Peanut Butter!

Last picture above was the last of Mom's side of the haul - here is the beginning of my side :) Picked up Pasta (in store special) for .88 cents each! Which fed a hungry bunch at my house last Wednesday! Also Peanut Butter as mentioned above for only $2.47!

Snack Packs and Nutrigrain Bars!

I always love getting Hubby snack food for his lunches! Picked up the 12-pack Snack Packs for $2.47 (PMed from Fresh Co.) and Nutrigrain Bars $1.99 (PMed from Fresh Co.)

More PMs and Deals!

Got some Imperial for $1.97 (PMed from No Frills), Oasis Juice $2.99 (PMed from Metro) and Strawberries for $1.44 (PMed from Fresh Co.)

Tomatoes and Bread!

Just like Mom did - I picked up Wonder Bread and Tomatoes! I also had .50 cent off coupons for both (was on a website for many different things :)!) and saved an extra $1.00 off! yaya!

Salsa and Sour Cream!

Yummo! Grabbed Sour Cream for $2.59 - .50 cent coupon = $2.09! and Salsa $2.99 - $1.00 coupon = $1.99!

After all that shopping I still managed to save $80.00 as I did my redemption (80,000 points) BUT I should have tried to make it $90.00 (cause I had the points and would have spent less!) Doh! Oh well! Still only paid $8.62 for everything!

Total Savings with Coupons, Price Matching, PC Plus Points (still earned 1,800 pts or $1.80!) $22.88!

So even after redeeming I was still able to stretch my dollar a little bit more with over $20 savings! Yaya!

Have a great week and happy saving everyone :)!

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