Savings Sunday! RCSS - Free Taco Kit, Amazing PC Plus Points, Great PMs and More!

Good Evening All!,

Here is this week's haul: Paid $73.93!

Deals of the Week

PMing Deals of the week!

Great PMs this week - Managed to get 2 cartons of Orange Juice $2.00/each - at No Frills; Silk Almond Milk $3.49 and Barilla .99 cents at Metro; Del Monte Fruit cups $1.99 at Coppa.

Grapes and Tomatoes

Other mmm fruit and veggies - $1.47/lb for Grapes and Walmart; and Vine Tomatoes .79 cents/lb at Coppa

Free Taco Kit, Cheap Bread and Pink Sticker

I had an FPC from my last Taco kit because it was expired when I was about to use it! The company sent me an FPC to replace it - saved $4.00. Cinnamon Raisin Bagels - $3.19 - 50% sticker = $1.59. Country Harvest Bread - PMed for $2.00 - 1,200 PC plus Points = .80 cents!! WOOHOO!

PC Plus Points Deals

Managed to get some amazing points deals - Taco Kit (FREE) and made 800 points (.80 cents); Potatoes 600 pts (.60 cents); Grapes 600 pts (.60 cents); Bagels 200 pts (.20 cents); Veal 1,000 pts ($1.00); Country Harvest 1,200pts ($1.20) for a Total of 4,400 points! or $4.40!!!! Woohoo!

Total Savings with PC Plus Points, Pink Sticker, Coupons, FPC and Price Matching: $23.74

Happy Savings This Week Everyone!

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