Savings Sunday! RCSS: Amazing Salad Dressing Deal, Cheap Sour Cream and PC Plus Points!

Evening Everyone!,

As you may or may not have seen - I was putting finishing touches on my paper for class - hence why this is a day behind schedule! Total spent this week: $65.78!

Deals of the Week!

Price Matching - Yummie Market and No Frills!

Managed to pick up some great price matching deals this week from Yummie Market (2 week flyers there!) $1.49 Sour Cream - .50 cent coupon = .99 cents!; .88 cent Green Leaf Lettuce; Also some cheese from No Frills - $3.77 and Granola Bars at $1.77! also PMed an onion to WM and only paid .55 cents!(not shown in picture above!)

Salad Dressing Deal!

This was quite the unexpected deal this week! I needed some salad dressing and it was on sale at No Frills for $1.97. When I went to get the item off the shelf - 1,000 points for buying it! SCORE! Then I also managed to have a personal offer of another 700 pts = $1.70 in points made and only paying .27 cents for dressing! woohoo!

PC Plus Points Earned This Week!

Did pretty darn well on points this week - 1,700 pts ($1.70) on Salad Dressing; 400 pts (.40 cents) on Bananas; 800 pts (.80 cents) on Fresh Pork; 400 pts (.40 cents) on Ricotta Cheese; Totaling 3,300 pts or $3.30! Woohoo!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Coupons and PC Plus Points: $9.16!

Have a great week everyone and happy saving!!!

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