Savings Sunday! RCSS - SCOP, Free Cheese, Cheap Fruits and Veggies and More!

Good Evening All!

Picked up this weeks groceries for $87.32!

Deals of the Week!

Cheap Ragu, Yogourt, Green Beans and Cucumber!

Mmmmm.... I'm all about the RAGU! .97 cents this week at No Frills! Yogourt - $6.99 at RCSS - PMed to Food Basics for $3.88! Green Beans at .88 cents/lb and a cucumber at .67 cents!

Price Matching/Coupons!

Great PMs this week on Primo Soup - .88 cents (Food Basics); $1.99 Fruit Salad Cups (Coppa); Softsoap was $1.98 each at RCSS on sale and $3.28 - $1.00 off coupon for the Almond milk singles - $2.28 for 3! Also grabbed 3 - mini naan breads for .48 cents each!! (with the 50% off stickers :D)

SCOP and Free Cheese!

So I picked up the free cheese this week from my Old El Paso box - finally the Old El Paso stuff went on sale at RCSS - $2.98! Bought the Kit and Salsa at $2.98 each and also had to PM the cheese (cause the coupon would only be $7.00 off!) and saved $5.88! Also the batteries were ringing at $7.49 when on the shelf they were $4.99 = SCOP! FREE!

Total Savings with Coupons, Price Matching, Pink Stickers and Checkout .51 = $23.92!

Happy Saving This Week!

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