Savings Sunday! Free Tuna, Pink Sticker, Cheap Thins Fins and more!

Good Evening Everyone!

Here is this week's shop - $72.69 (-$2.50 in Checkout 51 = $70.19!)

Deals of the Week!

Price Matching - Fruits, Veggies and Almond Milk!

Did some great price matching on all the items shown here! Tomatoes and Romaine - .79 cents/lb and .79 cents each!; .79 cents for the cucumber; $1.77/lb for the grapes; .74 cent salad after pink sticker; and Almond Milk - $2.99!

Bread and Soup!

PMed Bread to $1.88 at No Frills this week and Lipton Soup $2.49 at Shoppers!

Checkout 51 Deals!

Amazing week for me on Checkout 51! Managed to make $2.50 on $1.00 back for Thins Fins - Making them only .88 cents; $1.00 back on Tuna - Which was $2.00 - $1.00 off coupon - $1.00 CO51 = FREE!; and Yogourt which I got an upgrade on this week and only paid $3.49 after PM and .50 cent rebate! YAYA! Also managed to Cash Out for a $22.51! Yahoo!

Total Savings this week with Checkout 51, PC Plus Points, Price Matching, Coupons and a Pink Sticker: ?? Doh! I've lost my calculation sheet :( But hey! I know I've got some great saving in this week! Happy Saving Everyone!

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