Savings Sunday! RCSS: SCOP, Free Deal of the Week and more!

Evening Everyone :)

Here is the haul for this week! Only spent $31.09 (-.88 cents from SCOP and price adjustment $30.21!) I still have a ton of meat in my freezer I need to use!

Deals of the Week

Price Matching!

Since I didn't end up buying too much this week - I wanted to maximize my savings! Managed to do a bunch of price matching today! First Andy Boy Romaine Hearts - $1.99 at Yummie Market also 1,200 points from PC Plus Points! :D; Nutrigrain Bars - $1.99 at Shoppers; Silk Almond Milk - $2.99 at Yummie Market; Mushrooms .99 cents each at Metro; .77 cent peas and Hellmann's $2.97 from No Frills!

SCOP, Deal of The Week (Freebie!), Pink Stickers!

Great Deals on these few items! Got a SCOP on my Pizza Sauce - shelf price .50 cents; rang in at .69 cents = one Free; other .50 cents! Saved .88 cents! Also since my cashier didn't mention the Deal of the Week - After Bite Gel - Free (Saved $3.98!); And to go with my Pizza - Naan Bread - .99 cents each - 50% off each - .49 cents each! :D Yummie!

Total Savings with Pink Stickers, PC Plus Points, SCOP, and Deal of the week: $16.72!

Have a great rest of the holiday weekend and happy saving!

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