Savings Sunday! RCSS and Bulk Barn: Cheap Naan, Avocados, Juice and More!

Good Evening Everyone!

Spent a great weekend with my Mom :) Also since Hubby is visiting home for the week - this week's haul is a little smaller than normal ;) Spent $50.62!

Deals of the Week!

PC Points Deals!

Had some pretty decent offers this week: Oasis Juice - 600 pts (.60 cents); Romaine Hearts (that I PMed to $1.97) 600 pts personal, 250 in store! - 850 pts total (.85 cents); Kiwi 400 pts (.40 cents); Deli Meat - 200 pts (.20 cents) Total Points this week 2,050 ($2.05!)

Price Matching and Pink Sticker!

Managed to pick up some yummie deals for an amazing price! Country Harvest Bread for $1.88; Chapman's Ice Cream for $1.88; Tomatoes for .91/lb; and PC Naan bread for $2.00 - 50% sticker $1.00!

Avocados and Cheese!

I've been loving avocados lately! PMed this bunch to No Frills for $2.97 - .25 cents Checkout 51 = $2.72! Also some cheese for $3.77!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Pink Sticker, PC Plus Points and Checkout 51: $11.41!

Bonus Haul - Bulk Barn!

Needed to pick up a few things! Grabbed some Brown Sugar, Couscous, Baking Soda and Pepper. Also a bag of cheese snacks for .99 cents! Total for all the items in the picture $6.00!! :D!

Have a great week and Happy Savings!

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