Buffalo Shopping and Food Haul! Target (with Stacking!), American Eagle, The Limited, Walgreens and More!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

It has been almost 2 weeks! AHHHH... time for a catch up! I miss you lovelies <3 Here are the items I picked up last weekend in Buffalo, NY because I needed to pick up Hubby from the Airport! We opted to stay down for the night and here are the treasures I picked up :D

Target Foodz Haul

Meat Deal

Picked up 2 packs of ground beef with $2 off coupons on them! $2.99 each package :)

Target Cartwheel Deals!

Darn pic won't load! But if you look up there most of the Target Brand items I was able to get an extra 5% off Target Brand Items! Also has many other items as well. Saved an extra $1.09 with the App! Direct link to Target Cartwheel HERE!

Sargento Cheese!

Did a great deal on cheese - $2.89 per package - .55 cents in Target Coupons each and an extra coupon .55 cents off = $1.79 for one and the other at $2.34! Not bad and I was able to stack!


A great sale and Manu coupon deal. $1.99 for this ketchup on sale - .50 cent coupon = $1.49 for a 2LB sized ketchup!

Total Extra savings on the food with coupons, cartwheel and also 5 cents back per reusable bag = $8.30!


Hubby and I love our King Bed... but we've always had a hard time with sheets and mattress pads... I've shrunk the first one, the 2nd one is ripping... so we've decided to grab a new one - Reg $50.00 was on Doorbuster Special for $19.99!


Love the deals I picked up at Walgreens! According to my receipt I saved $13.30! (Woohoo!) All - On sale for $2.99 each - $1.00 off coupons = $1.99 each! and the Cover girl I picked up for my Mom Reg: $7.49 - Clearance $3.79 - $1.00 coupon = $2.79!

Target Deals!

Aveeno Deal!!!

Now this was probably my deal of the weekend. There was an amazing coupon Spend $20 Save $5.00... So I needed to take advantage of this... 2 Aveeno Sunscreens - $8.99 each ALSO when you bought 2 you got a $5.00 Gift Card (SCORE) and 2 Aveeno lotions - $1.51 each Clearance = Total before Discounts = $21.00 - $5.00 Target Coupon - $3.00 Manufactures Coupon when I bought 2 Aveeno products = $13.00 for 4 Aveeno products! I used the GC on my next purchase but total savings would have made them $8.00 for all 4!!!

2nd Target Transaction!

Did some great stacking in this transaction! All items above totaled $19.32!!! (After using the Gift Card from the above transaction! :D)

L'Oreal Items!

I could not pass up these items! Mascara on sale for $5.89 - $1.50 peelie coupon - $1.50 Target coupon = $2.89! Hair Colour - Clearance for $7.64 - $3.00 Manu Coupon - $3.00 Target Coupon = $1.64!!!!! WOW!

Ziploc Bags!

I love Ziploc bags for freezing meat - this was a great deal that I took advantage of - 40 pack of Medium sized bags on sale for $3.99 each! Buy 3 get 1 Free - Saved $3.99 and also had a $1.00 when I bought 2 = Final price for 4 boxes - $10.97 or $2.74 per box! Woohoo!

Clothing Haul!

JC Penney

Managed to pick up 2 really cute pieces for work - T-Shirt Reg $14.00 on Doorbuster for $5.99; Work Pants Reg $40 on Clearance for $4.97!!!Only paid $11.48 for the work outfit and saved $43.04 on the receipt!

Old Navy!

I Love Tights! Managed to pick up 3 pairs - 2 pairs Reg: $8.50 each on Clearance .97 cents each! last pair Reg: $10.50 on Clearance for $1.97! Total: $3.91 for all 3 pairs! :D

The Limited!

Never been in this store before but picked up two cute tops! The Black and White Striped one (Reg $49.50 i believe) On Clearance for $14.99 - extra 40% off = $8.99! and the Orange Striped top (Reg $39.50ish forgot to keep the tag!) On Clearance for $9.99 - 40% = $5.99!

American Eagle Outfitters!

Final items! Super long post sorry! Picked up 3 pairs of boxers for Hubby (his fave kind!) Reg: $12.50 each Marked down to $9.99 - 60% off clearance = $4.00 each! Receipt says i saved almost $18.00! Woohoo!

Hope you enjoyed this massively long haul! Look out for blog posts and have a great Victoria Day Long Weekend!!! Happy Saving!

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