April Buffalo, NY Haul Part 2! Kohl's, Sears, Target and JC Penney!

Happy Long Easter Weekend Everyone!

My apologies for the long delay in this post I've developed a cold :(! But enough sulking about that lets take a look at the clothing part of my Buffalo shop from last weekend!


Picked up a couple of cute things! I had an extra 15% off coupon so I took advantage! Top: Reg: $36.00 Marked down to $7.20 - 15% ($1.08)= $6.12! Bracelet - Reg: $14.00 Marked down $2.80 - 15% (.48 cents) = $2.38! Also picked up a wedding card for $3.49 :)


3 Cute Tops!

Grabbed all three of these for only $4.99 each! the two blouses were regular $40.00 each and the t-shirt was regular $30.00! Also another coupon - 20%! Extra $1.00 off all 3 of them making them $3.99 EACH!

Work Shoes!

Picked these up for $9.99! No extra coupon for them but still regular $34.99!


I wasn't really looking for one but picked this out for my mom and it was a bit too big for her - I tried it on and hellooooo fit perfectly! Reg: $100.00 Marked down to $19.99 Scanned for $14.99! - 20% off ($3.00) = $11.99!!!


Showed this in the last haul but it was a cute sweater Reg: $22.99 and only paid $6.88!

JC Penney

Deals of the weekend I managed to pick up for Hubby! Regular (as per receipt) $20.00 marked down to $1.97 for the JEANS WHAT?!?!? and on top for that -15% off coupon from the Sunday paper = $1.67!!! Best Part? They fit him perfectly! Total Score! Also a belt - Regular $30.00 Marked down to $7.97 - 15% off coupon = $6.77!

Total for All Items If I Bought at Regular Price: $367.98

Total for All Items After Discounts: $54.38

Total Saved: $313.60 or 85.5%!!!! WOW!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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