Savings Sunday! RCSS: SCOP, Meat Stockup, Cheap Degree, Pink Stickers and More!

Good Evening Everyone!

After finally feeling better after a bout of Bronchitis.... ewww... Here is this weeks haul! Spend: $105.73!

Deals of the Week!

Price Matching Deals!

A lot of .99 cent deals this week - Primo Soup, Betty Crocker Cake and Barilla Pasta! Also $2.00 Perogies and $3.97 for Oasis Juice!

SCOP on Pizza!

Hubby really enjoyed this pizza when I picked it up a few weeks ago with a Checkout 51 cashback - On the shelf this was $3.99 I made Hubby check the price just in case and it was scanning at $4.39!!! So first one Free with SCOP and 2nd one at the shelf price :)! Saved $4.79!

Couponing and Pink Sticker Deals!

Great Couponing deals with Degree - $1.65 each - $1.00 off coupons = .65 cents for donations :); Robin Hood Oats - $2.47 - .50 cents = $1.97! (2nd last day of that coupon so glad to stock up love this for my breakfast YUM) also 50% fruit cup pack ($1.64 - cheaper than no name!) and also extra lean ground beef - 30% off sticker - $5.72!

Total savings with Price Matching, Pink Stickers, Coupons, PC Plus Points:$19.11!

Have a great week everyone! :D

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