Savings Sunday! RCSS: Price Matching Heaven, Cheap Mayo and More!

Good Evening Everyone!

Bit of a late post tonight but here is what I got this week $96.54!

Deals of the Week!

Price Matching from No Frills!

Ok, I went a little crazy. But I can't even describe how AMAZING the deals were this week at No Frills! .88 cent Blackberries, $1.88 Chips, $1.88 Taco Shells, $2.88 Snack Packs, $2.88 Ketchup, $2.88 Irish Spring, .88 cent Primo Soup, $2.88 frozen Berries and $1.88 Fresh Pasta! Amazing!!!

Pink Sticker and Mayo!

Great deal on a big massive bag of Bananas! Only $1.52 (after 50% pink sticker savings!) and $2.99 for Hellmann's - .75 cents back from Checkout 51 = $2.24!

Fresh Fruit and Veggies!

Amazing deals as well on Strawberries and Blackberries ($1.49 Fresh Co and .88 cents at NF!)Also .79 cents/LB for tomatoes and $1.49 for Romaine!

Total Savings with Pink Stickers, Price Matching, Checkout 51 and PC Plus Points: $39.64!!! Wow!

Happy Saving Everyone!

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