Saving Sunday! RCSS: 50 cent KD, 75 cent Barilla Pasta and More!

Good Evening Everyone!

Been a long sickly weekend for Hubby and I fighting some bad colds - I did manage to hit up the grocery store - spending $100.98!(- $75.00 in Gift Cards from my b-day $25.96 out of pocket :D!!)

Deals of the Week

Coupon Deals

Since being under the weather I didn't expect many couponing deals this week - Kraft Dinner On sale for $1.00 box - $1.00 when you buy 2 coupon = .50 cents each! Robin Hood Oats - a staple for my breakfast - not on sale $2.98 - .50 cents off $2.48. Barilla Pasta - $1.50 - .75 cent off coupon = .75 cents!

Price Matching!

No Frills and Highland Farms were great PMs for me this week: .97 cent Mushrooms and Grape Tomatoes; $1.97 Del Monte Fruit; $3.99 Oasis Juice and $1.99 Nutrigrain bars!

Other PMs and Old El Paso Deal!

More from Highland Farms - .99 cent Barilla! $1.00 Ragu with No Frills, $1.99 Eggos at Fresh Co. and $3.47 for the Taco Kit which has a coupon for Free Cheese - Next time you buy another kit, the cheese and Salsa - Savings up to $7.00! Nice coupon and good til July 2014! Woot!

PC Plus Points

Managed to make 2350 in points this week ($2.35 in Points!) On Lunch Meat and Deli Cheese (1,400 pts), Shredded Cheese - (300 pts); Bread (100 pts); Apples (350 pts); Bananas (200 pts!)

Total Savings with Price Matching, PC Plus Points, and Coupons: $20.88!

Have a great week everyone!!!

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