Happy 2014! Savings Monday! Amazing Christmas Deals, Cheap Pizza, Pink Stickers and More!

Good Afternoon All!

Happy 2014 Everyone! Hope Everyone had a great year - here's to 2014 being an amazing one! As you guys know Hubby and I headed down to Tennessee for Christmas but upon our return we had no power! Luckily our Landlords kept us in the loop but we did lose the food in our fridge/freezer... but here is this weeks haul: $90.68 (-1.51 CO51 and $2.00 SnapSaves = $87.17!

Deals of the Week!

Pink Stickers!

Some great pink sticker deals on fruit, salad, yogurt and Bananas! Lots of smoothies and baking this week! Mmmm.... saved and extra $10.50 just on those items!

Price Matching Deals!

PMed some good deals on some essentials in our now slightly fuller fridge... Pizza PMed $2.88 - $1.00 coupon = $1.88 - $1.00 back with SnapSaves = .88 cents!; Nutrigrain Bars - $1.99; Snackpack 12 pack $2.99 and Cheese $3.97!

Canned Food and Condiments

Peas for .80 cents each; PMed Hellmann's for $2.97 and Jam $3.47 - $1.00 off coupon = $2.47!

Cheap Fruit!

Great PMs on Strawberries ($1.97); Clementines ($2.99); and Oranges ($1.48/kg)!

Christmas Clearance!

Last year the deals were amazing this year just as much! Picked up Christmas cards for $1.44 for 36 and a stocking for .94 cents!

Total Savings with PMs, SnapSaves, Checkout 51, Coupons and Pink Stickers: $17.01 (Saved more but misplaced my listings doh!)

Have a great new year and Happy Saving!

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