Tennessee Pre-Christmas 2013 Haul! Kohl's, Old Navy and Unbelievable Savings!!!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

There will be no savings Sunday from last week as Hubby and I are down south in Tennessee for the holiday season! And since I love shopping... I thought we'd head out at take a look at some deals - and by no means are we Christmas shopping late ;).

Yesterday we managed to spend $78.00 and got all this!

Old Navy!

I'm always on a mission to find Hubby short-sleeved shirts and we seemed to hit a great clearance rack!

Picked up this blue one for $8.97 and this white one for... wait for it... .97 CENTS!!!!! Yahoooooooo!

Also picked up 2 pairs of boxers for $1.97 each :)


Ok... I have a problem and It's called shopping... Kohl's you aren't helping me out with this... but you are cause your deals are SO AMAZING!!!!

Some Tops!

I find T-Shirts the way to go.. Always! Here are 4 I picked up 1. $3.80 2. $4.20 3. $2.80 4. $3.60!!! Amazing Dealsss!!!!

2 Sweaters!

Two really cute sweaters I can wear to work or for casual wear :). $5.00 for the teal one and $7.20 for the black one!

Work Capris and a Pair of Shorts!

Super cute work capris for only $4.40!! and a pair of shorts for $4.00!

A dress and pair of shoes!

Super adorable dress for only $9.00 and my splurge pair of shoes by Lauren Conrad for $14.99! But they are SOOOOOO comfy!!!

Ok so my Kohl's receipt was for $62.77 this included 2 tops for my MIL an additional 15% off when I spent over $50.00, also earned $10 in Kohl's Cash... AND my total savings at the bottom of the bill $411.80!!!!! Time Well Spent!

Wishing you and yours a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy 2014!!!! From our Family to yours :)

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