Savings Sunday! RCSS: Turkey, PC Plus Points, Chocolate and More!

Evening Everyone!

Here is this weeks haul - Total Spent: $88.95 (-$10.00 for new socks for hubby - $78.95!)

Deals of the Week!


As you all know I love finding a good deal - and this Grade A Turkey was an amazing deal! This 8lb Turkey only cost me $8.80! Perfect for a few good meals! Yum!

Thins Fins!

Still totally loving these! $1.98 on sale at RCSS - .50 cent coupons (found em!) = $1.48 each!


Great price this week at Walmart for the Chipits! $2.27 a bag! Yum!


Now I know for the size these aren't the best price but I do really like these for Grilled Cheese and lunches! - On Sale for $4.44 - $1.00 = $3.44!

PC Plus Offers!

Made 1,600 points this week on Sensodyne Toothpaste (1,000 pts) and Oranges - (600 pts) That I was able to price match! Woohoo!

Price Matching Deals!

Best deals I got this week - Ricotta $2.99 Highland Farms - .60 cent coupon right on it woohoo! Soup - .67 cents a can! and $1.49 for Blackberries! Yum Yum!

Cans, Cans and Bottles!

Lots of great deals on Canned and Bottle food! $1.49 Soup, .98 cent Ragu, .80 cent Peas and .80 cent Canned Pineapple!

Total Savings with No Tax, Coupons, and Price Matching (No extra savings this week from CO51 or SnapSaves:() $13.52!

Happy Saving!

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