Savings Sunday! RCSS: SCOP, Cheap Pasta, Dove and PC Points now at RCSS!

Good Evening Everyone!

Hope everyone's had a great weekend - let's get back to our regular routine! Here's the haul: $93.84 (-$3.50 from Checkout 51 $90.34!)

Deals of the Week!

My apologies ahead of time - my netbook's battery died this weekend and I need to replace ASAP - my pictures aren't coming out at all - sorry for the lack of them this week :( - i've linked to the images online to see the products :)

SCOP - Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

Hubby loves his cereal! I was going to price match the family size but noticed that the Jumbo size was on sale for $4.97! Score right?! Well... turns out it was marked wrong on the shelf and rang in for $8.48! Hense SCOPed and picked it up for Free :D


Picked up some more Barilla (I didn't have anymore coupons :() PMed to Walmart for $1.00 a box!


Worked out a great deal for Cheese this week from Target - $3.77 for cheese -.75 cent coupon= $3.02 for a 500g brick!


Got a great printable coupon for Fruttare - $4.00 off and I combined this with a $1.50 Checkout 51 rebate! = .49 cents for the box!

Cottage Cheese and Sour Cream!

$1.00 rebate this week from CO51 for the Cottage Cheese there is a 2nd rebate on SnapSaves but I can't get the darn thing to work on my phone! I'm going to have to contact them this week cause i'd love to get the extra savings :( Also Sour cream -.50 cent coupon.

Clubhouse Gravy!

On sale for $1.22 with a $1.00 off Checkout 51 = .22 cent gravy!

Dove Anti-Perspirant!

One of the best deals this week - I got a Dove Go Fresh 45g size PMed to Walmart for $3.00 - $2.00 off coupon = $1.00! This will probably go to my donation pile :)

Total Savings with Checkout 51, Price Matching, SCOP and Couponing:$29.99!

Also finally RCSS now has PC points program! I signed up a few months ago at my local Loblaws and only got 800 points. After today's shop I managed to pick up 1350 points! That equals out to $1.30 made on the items I bought! Not bad! I look forward to working out the rewards per week too :) and getting some grocery discounts!!! A great explanation I found was in this article here! Check it out!

Happy Saving!

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