Savings Sunday on Tuesday! RCSS: Amazing PC Plus Points deals, Cheap Cheese and more!

Good Evening Everyone!

My apologies for not writing this earlier! But here it is! Total Shop: $82.33 (-$12.71 for the lights i'm returning next week :() = $69.62!

Deals of the Week!

Sour Cream and Cottage Cheese!

Picked up another duo of these - $2.99 for Cottage Cheese - $1.00 Snapsaves = $1.99 and Sour Cream on Sale for $1.77 - .50 cents off from SnapSaves = $1.27!

PMed these down to .99 cents a can!


Great deal on the refill of SoftSoap! - Reg: $3.17 PMed to $2!


RCSS had cheese on this week $3.77 a bar - .75 off coupon and $1.00 off Checkout 51 = $2.02 for a bar!!!! YUMMIE!

Thin Fins!

These taste just like potato chips mmmm... On Sale at RCSS for $1.98 - .50 cent off coupon = $1.48!


One big large amazing Pineapple for $1 - PMed from No Frills Reg $2.97!!

PC Plus Point Explosion!

Amazing Points this week! Everything in this picture had points for me! - Best Deals: 5,000 on $20 of Meat, 5,000 points on buying Buttoni Pizza (which I PMed to save EVEN more!) I went from 2,150 points to 16,150 points this week! I'm almost at $20 in free groceries!!! WOOHOO!!! Sign up for this card!!!! It tailors to your shopping habits and its really easy to accumulate even if you don't have the PC Mastercard! Highly recommend! Also grab the app for you phone and make sure to upload your weekly deals = even more points!

Pink Sticker!

Since I bought Hot Dogs - I needed buns! 50% off sticker made these $1.89 for 12!

U by Kotex!

Pretty amazing deal I pick this up for - $4.99 - $1.00 off coupon - $2.50 Checkout 51 = $1.49!!! This is going into my donation pile :)

Total Savings with Checkout 51, SnapSaves, Pink Sticker, Price Matching AND Couponing (whew)! = $18.50!

Happy Saving Everyone!

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