California Haul! GAP, Forever 21, Target, JC Penney and Macy's!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

As you may have been following me on Twitter/Instagram i've been talking a lot about my trip! Hubby and I had a great time in Anaheim/LA California!!! Since I love posting about hauls, here is what we picked up at the few little shopping trips we packed into our trip!


We had a few chill days on our trip so why not go shopping! This was an amazing deal on underwear! Regular: $12.95 a pair - on sale for $4.97 - 30% = $3.48 a pair!

JC Penney!

Hubby also scored some fun T-Shirts Reg $8.00 Sale: $4.99 each!

Forever 21!

I swear - best clearance section for a Forever 21 everrrrrr! (Anaheim Plaza in Anaheim, CA!!!) half of the 2nd floor of this place is like a MEGA clearance! Woooooo!!!! and to top it off - extra 50% off clearance double scoreeeeee!

Black Dress!

They had a few really cute dresses on the clearance racks there but thought this one was the best! Reg: $24.80 Sale: $15.99 - 50% off $7.99!!!

Jean Jacket!

Jackets are always a weakspot for me... I love coats and jackets all of them. So I couldn't pass this one up at all! Reg: $32.80 Sale: $22.99 - 50% off $11.49!

Work Skirts!

In LOVE with these skirts! Perfect for anytime of year (just put on some tights!) Both Reg: $19.80 Sale:$13.99 - 50% off $6.99!


Ok... I have a shoe obession as well... I could not pass up these 2 pairs: Lenia Moccasins in red Reg: $19.99 Clearance: $5.98!! and Lisa in Taupe shoes Reg: $17.99 Clearance: $5.38!!!


Also picked up a really cute skirt - Reg: $29.50 Clearance: $10.32 - 10% out of state discount: $9.29!

Total breakdown:

Total of items at regular price pre-tax: $245.43 Total of items after discounts and clearance sales pre-tax: $81.71 Total Savings: $163.72!!!! or 67% savings!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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