Savings Sunday on Saturday! RCSS - Cheese, Snack Food and More!

Good Evening Everyone!

Long time no talk! Hubby and I were in Montreal last weekend with a friend and didn't really get a chance to do any grocery shopping! Only spent $17ish at Longos last week to tide us over til today! So this shop was a bit larger since it almost 2 weeks! Total Spent: $100.22 (with -$1.00 Checkout 51!)

Deals of the Week!!!


We needed more cereal so I used up my last FPC for a Kellogs product Saved: $8.99!


Planning to have some mini pizzas one night this week for dinner grabbed a brick of cheese for $3.66! PMed from No Frills

Fruit and Veg!

Great PMs this week on Oranges and Asparagus! also great price on Apples this week too mmm!


Ran out of peas this week - RCSS had a great deal on peas - 5/$4.00 or .80 cents a can! Yum!

Dole Bars!

Had some .75 cent off coupons and discovered these on sale for $1.97 - .75 = $1.22 a box!!

Ritz Crackers!

Nice snack food - Ritz Crackers on sale at Walmart for $1.44 so great price match!

Orange Juice!

Hubby had a craving for OJ and a great deal this week at Fresh Co. - $1.47 a container! Yum!

Almond Milk!

Stocked up this week on Regular, Chocolate and 3-pack Chocolate! Yum! had 2 coupons for $1.00 and .75 cent off for the 2 pictured above woohoo!


Great deal this week for Yogourt - $3.98 had a $1.00 off coupon = $2.98 for 16 cups :)!

Healthy Choice and Sour Cream!

2 good coupon deals with sales here - $2.98 - $2.00 coupon = .98 cent frozen meal and $1.49 - .50 cent coupon = .99 cent Sour Cream - cheaper than No Name! :)

Total Savings with Checkout 51, Pink Stickers, Price Matching and Coupons: $35.58

Nice Savings this week :)! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Saving!

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