Savings Sunday! RCSS/Shoppers: Pink Stickers, Free Taco Kit with Coupon, Cheap Almond Milk and Bread!

Hey Everyone!!!

Here are the groceries for this week! $74.32 (-$3.00 in Checkout 51 $71.32)!!

Deals of the Week:

Pink Sticker Deals!

Got some great pink deals this week! - Almond Milk - $3.99 - $2.00 Pink Sticker = $1.99 - $1.00 coupon = .99 cents!!! Buns - $3.19 - $1.60 PS = $1.59! Also Salad - $3.49-$1.75 PS = $1.74!!

Snack Packs!

I think this is one of the best deals this week! On sale for $2.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart - you get 12 too!!

Chips and Salsa!

Mmmm Snack food... PMed to $1.97 each at Fresh Co this week!


Another great deal this week - $3.97 for Delissio Pizza and my co-worker gave me a $2.00 off coupon making it $1.97!!! Yum!

Taco Kit!!!

Today was the last day to redeem my FPC for Free Taco Kit!!! Saved $3.00 BUT it also has a $4.00 off Ground Beef or Chicken on the box! Yahoo for great coupons!!! :D

Wonder Bread!

Great Checkout 51 on this deal - PMed to Target $1.88 and - $1.00 from Checkout 51 = .88 cents!!! Yahoo!!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Coupons and Checkout 51: $27.36!!

Bonus - Shoppers Drug Mart - $10 GC Promo Haul!

I wanted to add this in as well! Did a mini shop on Saturday for some great deals with the 20x promo (I didn't do a big shop but here is what I got!!!)

Total of items after tax: $16.00 - After tax and $10.00 GC from a previous promotion!: $6.00!!!!! I like to maximize my savings and get some great things with my card!!! :D

Happy Saving this week!!! Look out for Savings Sunday more than likely on Saturday next week ;)!

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