Savings Sunday! RCSS/Metro - Cheap Eggs, Cheap Palmolive and Perogies!

Good Evening Everyone!

Hope everyone had a great week and weekend - since I was away for a few days we were able to make by with about $20 in groceries last week! Here's this weeks shop: Total Spend - $75.08 (With $3.50 Checkout 51 rebate!)

Deals of the Week


This is the best deal of the week - Eggs are on sale at Metro for $1.50 a carton but while picking it up there was a coupon above the display for $1.00 off two dozen! WOW 2 Dozen for $2.00!!!


Another great deal this week - Box of Perogies (2lbs!) Price Matched to Food Basics for $2.00 with a $1.00 cashback on Checkout 51 = $1.00!!! YAYA!

Almond Milk!

A weekly staple in the grocery shop - Price Matched to $3.00 and had another $1.00 coupon = $2.00!!


Needed Margarine so found the Becel for $3.97 Price Matched and also had a coupon to get $1.00 off when I bought two Knorr products - found 2 cheese sauces for 50% stickers! Paid $1.34 for both!

Primo Soup!

Great deal on Soup - Reg. $1.99 PMed to $1.00! Grabbed 4!!

Black Diamond Cheese!

$3.66 at Target this week but for some reason my RCSS had their cheese scan in for the same price!!

Wonder Bread and Alcan Foil!

Great rebates on Checkout 51 this week - Wonder Bread on Sale at RCSS for $2.18 - $1.00 rebate = $1.18 a loaf! Also PMed Alumimum Foil $1.00 - .50 rebate = .50 cents!! Yahoo!


Mmm... our new veggie of choice - .67 cents so grabbed 5 cans!

Dish Soap!

Pamolive $1.69 at Target this week - a .75 cent off coupon = .94 cents for a great size!!

Bonus item!

Mom picked up Hellmann's $3.00 the coupon board had a BOGO coupon for a free Knorr product!! Free Gravy!

Savings after Price Matching, Coupons and Checkout 51 = $28.31

Happy Savings this week everyone!

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