Savings Sunday! RCSS: FPC Madness, SCOP, Taco Coupon Deal and More!

Afternoon Everyone!,

Planned a pretty big shop this week - Here is what I got for $74.23 (-$1.00 Checkout 51 Savings!)

Deals of the Week!

FPC Redeems!

Been a while since I've used some Free Product Coupons! - Deli Meat (very small trial pack) Saved $1.69 and the Jumbo Vector - Saved $8.99!!

Fruits and Veggies!

Some great deals this week - .95 cent mushrooms, .67 cent Romaine and $1.47 Raspberries!

Glad Garbage Bags!

Loving this deal! Reg. $5.97 at RCSS - PMed to No Frills for $4.88 - $2.00 off coupon = $2.88 for 40 bags! Cheaper than No Name!!! :D

Pumpkin Puree!

I know it's Fall-time once I start seeing Pumpkins! That means Fall Baking!!! I've been CRAVING Pumpkin anything! Great PM this week on this puree - down to $2.49 a can! Reg: $3.97

Taco/Meat Deal!

This is probably the best case scenario for this deal!!! RCSS has Ground Beef Club Packs on super cheap this week - The big one in the picture was $7.01!!!! I had a coupon from my last Old El Paso Taco Kit to save $4.00 off Ground Beef - Just had to grab the Taco Kit and Salsa - which we also on sale this week for $3.00 each! Means everything above cost only $9.01!!!! Woohoo!


Great staple in our dinners around here Rice! Grabbed the 2kg bag for $5.99! Price Matched from Highland Farms!

Almond Milk!

No sales on these two this week but I was able to use my $1.00 off and .75 cent off coupons for both!($2.99 for Chocolate and $1.74 for the original!)

Naan Bread!

Probably my favourite thing to grab off the clearance rack! Makes GREAT Pizza bread!!! Mmmm! Grabbed 2 for $3.00! After the 50% Pink Sticker Savings!!!

Frozen Pizza

Nice sale on the Butoni Pizza this week - PMed to Metro - $3.99 - $1.00 off coupon = $2.99!!!

Oasis Juice

These smoothies are sooo good!!! - Forget paying for one while your out at the mall - PMed these from Highland Farms for $2.49 -.50 cent off coupons = $1.99 a carton! Yum!

Ricotta Cheese!

Tre Stelle is quite expensive cheese - when I can find it on sale for Lasagna I grab it! This week - PMed to Food Basics for $3.99 and had a $1.00 off coupon making it $2.99! And with that ground beef this week - Lasagna here we come! :D

SCOP - Oatmeal!

Now I actually needed oatmeal this week - and needed to Price Match to No Frills for $1.97 BUT noticed this Quaker Oatmeal on sale for $2.00 on the shelf - which seemed out of place.... Scanned it and noticed I could get a SCOP! So I did - Saved $2.48!

Total Savings with Coupons, FPCS, Checkout51, Price Matching and Pink Stickers: $45.48!!!

Amazing Savings!!!!! Have a great week everyone! Happy Saving :)

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