Savings Sunday! - RCSS: Cheap Apples, Cereal, Oatmeal and More!

Good Afternoon Everyone!,

Been a great week this week - Here is the grocery shop for this week - Total Spent: ($72.03 - $2.75 Checkout 51 = $69.28)

Deals of the Week:

Fresh Fruit and Veggies!

Got some great deals this week on Apples (.49 cents a pound - PMed to Highland Farms), Mushrooms (PMed to .97 cents a container - mentioned later too!) and Grapes ($1.00 a pound - PMed!) All the items in the picture above cost just over $10.00 and all fresh! Yum!


Very Nice Checkout 51 deal this week on All Bran Clusters - $2.98 at RCSS - $1.00 coupon from a trial box I picked up and - $1.00 off from Checkout 51 = .98 cent Cereal! Also $3.97 for the small box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch - But does come with an FPC you can order though! Nice extra coupon for a later shop ;)

Canned Goods!

Now we usually buy No Name Peas but this week the Brand Name was cheaper! Picked up Del Monte for .80 cents a can! or 4/$5.00 :) also Price Matched the soup to $1.00 a can!

Random Household/Personal Items!

Some fun little deals that I picked up today - Animal print tights - $2.94, Softsoap - $2.77 - $1.00 off - $1.77! and Sensodyne Price Matched to Walmart for $3.97!

Oats and Mushrooms!

I know random pairing but I pretty much paid identical for both of them! Oatmeal was on sale for $1.98 - $1.00 off coupon I had - .98 cents for some yummie breakfasts! And each Mushroom container was .97 cents! :)

Milk and Almond Milk!

Pretty disappointed that RCSS has hiked up the price on milk again - back to $4.27 - Easy price match this week to Walmart at $3.97 (Shoppers is advertising that price usually too!) Also used a .75 cent off coupon my Chocolate Almond Milk - Down to $3.24.


Another deal this week from Checkout 51 - .75 cents CB on Gravy! On sale for $1.22 after rebate = .47 cents!!!

Total Savings with Coupons, Price Matching and Checkout 51: $17.89! also Mom happened to have an extra PC gift card used that and saved another $21.78!!

Have a great week everyone and Happy Saving!!!

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