Savings Sunday! RCSS: Pink Stickers, Fruit, Almond Milk and Pasta!

Good Evening Everyone!,
This is going up super lateee! But here is what I got this week! Spend: $69.54 (-$1.00 at Checkout 51 $68.54!)

Deals of the Week!


I needed to stock up on weekly meat - pick up a bunch this week - Chicken, Veal, Ribs, Stewing beef, bacon, wieners and cheap lunch meat!


Mmmm I'm loving the great deals on fruit this week - Tomatoes $1.29; Grapes .99 cent a pound and same with the apples!

Pink Stickers!

Always have to get some 50% off deals :D - Cheap Hot Dog Buns ($1.39) and bagged salad (.75 cents each) also got some chicken for ($6.13!) Saved an extra $5.53!

Almond Milk

I had to splurge! - $2.99 a carton this week :D Yummieee!

Chocolate Pudding!

Great deal this week at RCSS - .88 cents each!!

Pasta stockup!

Wanted to stock up a bit on pasta - .77 cents for Unico - ItalPasta is on markdown at RCSS for $1.54 - $1.00 off with Checkout 51 - .54 cents and No Yolks Noodles for $1.57 (after at .50 cent off coupon :)

Total savings with 1 coupon :(, Checkout 51 and Price Matching: $15.46!

Not bad for an off week (wedding season!) Happy Saving!

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