Savings Sunday! RCSS: Almost Free Clear Shampoo/Conditioner, Pink Stickers, and Cheap Veggies. Bonus Saturday Haul: SDM, KSP and Target Canada: Free Mayo!!

Hey Everyone!!!!
This is a two-parter! First let's get through the weekly groceries - Spent: $71.75 (-$1.50 Checkout 51: $70.25!!!)

Deals of the Week!

Clear Shampoo and Conditioner!

I love this line BUT the price tag sucks - $5.99 each bottle :( I finally found an AMAZING deal this week - Walmart has them down to $3.62 this week - I had 2 coupons (that I got permission from Customer Service to use!) $3.00 off the first one (making the first one .62 cents) and there is a printable for BOGO!!!!! Click HERE for it! That's right I paid .62 cents before tax for 2 bottles!!! Wooohooo!


Hubby likes his yogurt! $3.98 - $1.00 off coupon = $2.98!

Frozen Pizza!

After the last buy 2 get 1 free coupon I used on this pizza I really liked it! This week - Loblaws has them on for $3.33 each - $1.50 Checkout 51 = $1.83! (Reg. $5.99 at RCSS!!!)

Canned Veggies!

These are good to have around if we don't have any fresh veggies around only .67 cents this week at No Frills!

Lucky Charms!

Cereal is so expensive! Found this deal this week at Fresh Co. for $3.99!! Hubby's request ;)

Fresh Fruit and Veggies!

Some great deals on fruit and veggies this week! Celery .99 cents; Tomatoes $1.38; Cucumbers $1.54, Zucchini $1.02; Green Beans .50 cents; and Plums .97 cents! Healthy and Very VERY cheap this week!

Almond Fresh!

I ended up buying this at Loblaws this week because I picked up a PC Plus points card - this was a personalized offer this week - 800 points! Yahoo and on sale for $3.49!! :D


Great deal at No Frills this week $3.88 milk!!!!

Pink Stickers!

Bunch of gooooood yummie 30% and 50% off goodies - Naan bread, Turkey legs, Ground Beef and can I say the BEST deal I've EVER got on bar of cheese: $2.77!!!! YAYAYA Pink Stickers!

Total savings with Price Matching, Checkout 51, Pink Stickers and Coupons: $39.79!!!!

Yahooo!! Almost $40 savings this week!!!!!

Next a little Saturday haulage for you! Here is what I spent on Saturday: Approx $13.40!

Kitchen Stuff Plus Warehouse Sale!

Grabbed a couple of items at this months sale! $3.88 for the drying mat and $1.00 each for the placemats and fish soap holders :)

Shoppers Drug Mart!

I'm getting some major scores in the makeup department in the last few weeks! Picked up these 2 Essence products - an eye shadow and a blush (I'm thinking bronzer) both for $1.50/each!!

Also picked up bread cause I was out! managed to get at a Checkout 51 $1.00 off to make this bread $1.99 :)

Target Canada

This is a short story - I FINALLY found an opportunity to stack at Target!!! So off I went with Mom - Had my No Frills flyer and wanted to get the Hellmann's for $2.97 - $1.00 off printable from the Hellmann's Facebook Page and $1.00 off Target Coupon! = .97 cent Mayo!!! Wowow!!!! BUT trying to get the stack done was a bit complicated and ended up going to 2 different lines - finally had a great associate ring me through - I also had my own bag -0.05 cents = .92 cents but since I was moved around to different associates he gave it to me for FREE!!!! FREE!!! Yahoo! Thanks :D!

Happy Saving Everyone!!!

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