US Grocery Haul! Walmart, Aldi, Target and CVS Cheap Dairy Products, All Laundry Detergent and More!

Hey Everyone,

Long Time No Talk! Since Hubby and I headed down to Buffalo for the weekend - spending time with the in-laws - our last day included the grocery shopping! Now keep in mind - you're not allowed to bring back fresh fruits and veggies (sucks) so here is what we got! FYI - this does include toiletries and non-food items in this total!

Total Spent: $110.24

Deals of the Week!


Did pretty decently at Walmart with some 30% off marked down steaks and pork! Also amazing deal on this 4.5lb chicken drumstick pack for $5.48?!?! So cheap!!


Combo of Aldi and Walmart for these deals - Cheese: $2.28, $2.38 and $4.48 for the packages from Walmart. Milk Aldi for $2.09; Margarine - Walmart - $3.00 for Blue Bonnet and .96 cents for the Imperial!


Aldi had these packets of Gravy for .35 cents each! Woah! - Usually up to $1.39 in Canada!

Flour and Eggs!

Baking Supplies were super cheap down South - $1.19 eggs and $1.59 for Flour!

Neutrogena Body Wash!

I've been wanting to try this stuff for a while - Finally got my coupon out for this - $5.97 at Walmart - $1.00 off coupon in this weeks Sunday Paper! = $4.97 - Regular Price in Canada $11.99! Good Savings! :D


Hubby lovessssss his Cinnamon Toast Crunch - Found the best deal at Target this week - $3.50 a box plus - 0.05 cent back on my bag for it = $6.95 for both boxes AND $6.00 in coupons on EACH box!!! Wooohoo!!

Almond Milk!

Cheaper than Canada - $2.95 a carton! :)

CVS Deals!

Ok... This deal might be hard to follow but lets try it out:
Total Savings with Coupons, ECBs and Yellow Stickers: $19.60!

Not bad! This stuff will definitely last more than a week so I'm pretty happy with the items I purchased! I have a clothing hall up next! Will go up later this week!!!! Happy Saving!

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