Savings Sunday! RCSS - Cheap Pasta, Pickles and Pink Stickers! :)

Good Afternoon All!,
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far! Here is the groceries for this week: Spent $56.80 (-.50 cents from Checkout 51 $56.30!)

Deals of the Week!


My pickle obsession continues.... PMed to $1.99 - .50 cent off coupon = $1.49! Yum!

Snack Packs!

On sale for .99 cents this week ($1.25 at RCSS! Too Expensive!) Saved $0.52 cents ;)!

Peanut Butter!

I think this is the cheapest I've seen this stuff in forever! Reg: $5.97 PMed to Metro for $3.44!

Tostitos and Salsa!

Great deal this week - $2.47 each PMed from No Frills - I had a $2.00 off when you buy both together but it somehow went missing (I think the cashier missed the coupon! POO!) Would have been $2.97 for both.... ah well!


CHEAP Pasta - With Checkout 51 you get a .50 cent cash back on this! .89 cents PMed to Highland Farms - and with the cashback: .39 cents!! :D


Been on a baking frenzie these past few weeks - So I decided to stock up - $1.47 at No Frills this week!

Pink Sticker Bananas!

My favourite thing in the whole grocery store - Pink Stickers!!!! with Bananas sooooo cheap per/lb now I paid super cheap for it!!!! :D Saved an extra $1.16 :D

Total savings with Price Matching, Coupons and Checkout 51: $16.36!

Have a lovely week everyone - Next Savings Sunday will be the week after as we're out for the weekend next weekend! Happy Saving!

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