Savings Monday on Tuesday! RCSS: $1 Salad Dressing, $1.50 Cottage Cheese and Pink Sticker Madness!

Evening Everyone!,
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Hubby and I had a relaxing one! :) Here is what I spent this week: $60.41 (-.50 cents from Checkout 51 = $59.91!!!)

Deals of the Week:

Hidden Valley Ranch!

Only way Hubby eats salad - is with Ranch! Amazing Deal this week - $2.50 each this week at RCSS and about a month ago - there was a $1.50 off Hidden Valley Salad Dressing = $1.00 EACH!!! WOOOHOO!

Cottage Cheese!

Another great deal at RCSS this week - $2.50 each and then had $1.00 off coupons! = $1.50 a container :)


Cheap this week $1.00 a bottle at RCSS!

Pink Sticker Deals!!

Woot too Pink Stickers! Saved an extra 30% on Ribs (in the back there - got 2 packs), and 50% on fresh pasta AND Almond Milk which I paired with a .75 cent off printable! = $1.24!!!! WOOOHOOO!!! and Receipt said I saved an extra $15.87 with those stickers :D

Ragu and Pasta!

As usual - Ragu stock up! .99 cents PMed to Shoppers and picked up 6. Also got Italpasta for .88 cents and cashed in a on .50 cent rebate with Checkout 51 making it .38 cents!!!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Coupons and Checkout 51: $31.07!!! Yahoo!!!

Wanted to add another random that I got today - there is great rebate with Checkout 51 for $3.00 back on selected Glade products - while in Longos today saw some Glade Expressions Refills for $1.54 EACH!!! WOOOHOO Clearance rack = After the rebate I only paid 0.08 cents! Almost Free!! WEEE!!!! (Here it is on Walmart for $3.00 each!)

Happy Saving!!!

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