Savings Sunday! RCSS - Pink Stickers, Cheap Garbage Bags and Spicy Noodles!

Afternoon Everyone!!!

Happy Canada Day!!! Here is this weeks haul, Spent $75.12 (-$3.00 in Checkout 51 $72.12!!)

Deals of the Week:

Pink Stickers!

Ok, as you know i'm pretty obsessed with Pink Stickers at RCSS! - Always great deals! Cheap salad and Naan bread (that I turned into pizza for lunch today ;)) mmm!

Summer Fresh Hummus!

Was looking for a healthy snack - Yummie! And a Cashback this week from Checkout 51 = $3.69 Reg - $1.00 off coupon + another $1.00 cash back = $1.69!!! Yummie!


Mmmmm... $1.00 a container!!! Great Deal!!!

Country Harvest Bread!

Just turned Mom on to this bread and we love it here! It's 100% whole wheat but its so nice a smooth - great bread! $2.00!! :)

Cream Cheese!

Amazing deal this week from Target Canada - $2.00 Philly!!! Mmmmm Cheesecake!

Cheap Ramen!

Hubby loved the Ramen! Picked up more = 10 for $1.00 :D!

Hot Dogs!

Hubby wanted some Hot Dogs - $2.97 PMed :) Good Deal this week!

Country Naturals Pepperoni!

Been looking for this product for a while after getting and FPC from! Finally found it (and help to make my pizza's today) :) Saved $5.49!

Glad Garbage Bags!

This was probably my deal of the week! Reg: $5.97 - $3.00 off coupon and $2.00 Cash Back with Checkout 51 = . 97 cents for 40 BAGS! WOWOW!!! :D


This brought me back to my childhood and they were on sale! So I had to pick a box up :)! Reg: $4.99 PMed to $2.99! Yummmie!

Almond Milk!

Love my Almond Milk - There is a $1.00 off coupon through Almond Fresh's Facebook page! Check them out, like and get it through!! Final Price: $2.48!!

Total Savings with Coupons, Price Matching and Checkout 51 - $30.32!

Have an amazing Long Weekend everyone! AND I cashed out for my first $20.00 cheque from Checkout 51!!! WOOHOO!!! Happy Saving!

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