Savings Sunday! RCSS and First Impressions: Target Canada!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying the humid weather! Here is this week's shop: $67.18 (-$1.00 off from Checkout 51 $66.18!)

Deals of the Week:

Wonder Bread!

Great deal at Target on this week - $1.88! Reg $2.97 at RCSS!

Cottage Cheese!

This week is a great deal for Cottage Cheese! Nordica the large size is $3.99 at Fortino's and also had a $1.00 off coupon as well :) Final Price $2.99!


Hubby LOVES snack food - so this helps out a lot ;) Reg. 1.66 each - PMed to .97 cents! :)


An in store coupon made this deal AMAZING! Price $1.97 PMed from Walmart and then right beside the product there was a .50 cent off coupon! Woohoo!! = $1.47! :)


This was a whim purchase - I forgot about the BOGO Coupon for the Movies! Hubby and I never get to go cause it's so pricey! Finally Nestea was on sale for $2.97 :) And saves us about $13.00 on admission when we go to the movies ;)


Barilla has been on sale a ton these past weeks :) Got another box - PMEd to .97 cents and had a .50 cent off coupon = .47 cents :)!


The staple continues :) .99 cents this week PMed!!

VH Sauce!

Hubby also is a bit obsessed with Korean BBQ. So when I saw this sauce I knew I needed to have it at our house. PMEd to $2.49 and then I had a $1.00 off coupon! = $1.49 :D!!

Total saved with Coupons, Price Matching and Checkout 51: $20.76! :)

Changing Gears! - Took my first trip to Target Canada this weekend! And I had to blog about it!

My First Target Canada Haul! ^^

I've been hearing a ton of mixed reviews regarding Target Canada - Seems many have been disappointed with pricing and they don't have a WOW factor when they shop there. Here are my thoughts about it!

Clearance Sales!

Ok, I decided that once Target opened - I would wait. Patiently wait until there were some great clearance sales! And I was NOT disappointed!

Here are the 2 great deals I got ;)

Got a pair of boxers for Hubby at $2.39 and also got myself a t-shirt for $2.40!!! - Now that is US Target Pricing in Canada!!!!!!!

Food Prices

This again was a hot topic as the flyers aren't showing off the super best deals every week but you know - you win some, you lose some. I found that the Market Pantry (Target Brand) is still quiet cheap! I picked up Oatmeal $1.74, Chocolate Pudding $1.02, and Up and Up wipes $1.49 for 35 wipes. I would tend to agree that Target food prices are higher but most grocery stores are the same.

Rain Checks

I tweeted a picture about this - they had the rain checks right at the items! Picture Here! Such a smart idea! Can't say I've seen this before!

Overall Impression

To be fair - I hit up 2 Target locations - I found the first location was a bit too small for everything (they didn't even have a shoe section?!?! Weird...) but the 2nd location was a much larger and better stocked location. I'd say they still seem to have a bit stocking issues (some empty shelves in places). But overall I really did enjoy going to Target - clean stores, smaller sections but they finally have Clearance Racks (which is what I hit up when i'm in Buffalo anyway!). I think it will take a bit longer but I will be hitting up once in a while for sure! Also tons of helpful staff around and I'd say the best part = .05 cent bag credit if you bring your own bags!!! Woohoo! Hope you check it out :)

Happy Saving!!!

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