Savings Sunday on Monday!!! - RCSS - Free BBQ Sauce - Cheap Cheese, Margarine and Lysol! :)

Hello Everyone!,

This is very late today due to being sick all weekend! (Colds suck!!!) and Hubby had some Wisdom Teeth pulled! Here is what I got today for $78.36 (-$3.00 Checkout 51 - $75.36)

Deals of the Week:

Cheap Cheese!

Great deal this week - $3.77 for cheese at Target AND Food Basics with a $2.00 Cash Back from Checkout 51 = $1.77 for this 500g bar!!!

Peanut Butter!

Great deal this week from Walmart! $2.97 Peanut Butter!! Yum!

Cake Mix!

Thought I would get 2 of these as a back up - Made some cake pops for a girlfriend last weekend - got this cake PMed to .99 cents!


Amazing deal on this 3lb size - $6.19 at RCSS, PMed this down to $2.99!

Free Sweet Baby Rays!

Saved $1.97! - Free BBQ Sauce #nomnomnom!

Cheappppp Shreddies!

AMAZING Deal for cereal this week $1.88 at RCSS and I had a .75 cent off coupon! - $1.13 a box!!! Wooohoo!


Toilet bowl cleaner is expensive - Reg. $3.19 PMed to $1.99 and had a coupon for $1.00 off! Paid: .99 cents!!! Woohoo!

Total Saved with Coupons, Price Matching and Checkout 51: $23.63!

Great savings this week! Happy Saving!

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